Independent investment management

Harvey Blackwood is a leading Shanghai based independent investment management firm. Over the years we have built a reputation as a provider of choice for private investors, institutions and independent financial advisers.

The foundation of our core-strengths stem from a tried-and-tested philosophy that prioritizes rigorous in-house research processes in pursuit of creating value for our clients.

Creating confidence for clients as we deliver on our promises has always been at the heart of our business. By maintaining a fiercely guarded independent status we are better positioned to provide custom-made solutions to meet the individual needs of each client under our care.

Whether clients are focused on growth as they develop through the stages of life or prioritize a more conservative fixed income approach, our specialists are highly efficient in matching dynamic needs with appropriate solutions.

Committed to customer care

As a boutique provider of investment and wealth management services, we understand that to sustain our success we must first sustain that of our clients. Developing longstanding relationships can only be achieved by meeting a predetermined set of client expectations as custodians of their wealth.

Maintaining the highest possible standards as financial professionals and administrative experts, where performance is judged and satisfaction is achieved, remains central to every action of our practice. We make ourselves available to clients, conduct our duties with absolute transparency and, perhaps most important of all, ensure that wealth is managed responsibly in line with client demands.

Institutional investment services

Founded as a research boutique, Harvey Blackwood today works in partnership with leading institutions to deliver financial solutions that overcome the daily challenges faced under the current economic climate. Working to provide pension funds, foundations and endowments, our institutional partners are comprised of some of the world's leading and most recognized brands.

Regional financial advisory

Located in Shanghai, China, Harvey Blackwood provides independent financial advisers with exposure to globally-positioned investment solutions, differentiated by regions and sectors. With access to a range of model portfolio strategies and off-market opportunities, independent financial advisers situated around the globe are able to provide their clientele with global exposure whilst maintaining a localized focus.

Custom financial and investment services for our dynamic clientele

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Diversified solutions to overcome your everyday financial challenges

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Financial services for institutions

Helping corporations and institutions to become more competitive through the efficient application of their financial management needs.

Private investors & their families

Serving high-net worth private clients, their families and their businesses in pursuit of a low-risk approach to capital appreciation.

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