Consolidated financial solution

Our wealth management services seek to provide private clients with a comprehensive solution that addresses each component of their financial life.

Integrating investment management with tax planning strategy, formulating asset allocation with risk management and preparing your estate with inheritance planning, helps to create additional value at each stage of the process.

By consolidating each component into a single wealth structure you are more able to capitalize on a number of benefits as your financial concerns evolve and your priorities change during the different stages of life.

Your wealth matters

At Harvey Blackwood we understand that with the possession of wealth comes a greater responsibility to ensure that your loved ones live a fulfilling life and that your legacy is passed onto future generations. Having an appropriate wealth strategy in place early in your life goes a long way towards successfully realizing these goals.

Seito International's wealth management services will help you to answer and provide targeted solutions to the following concerns;

  •   Efficient use of wills, trusts and inheritance distribution schedules,
  •   Align tax obligations with investment management,
  •   Align financial planning with your life goals,
  •   Custom insurance solutions to enhance overall strategy,
  •   Tangible asset management such as property,
  •   Consolidated debt management.

Risk management and insurance

Protecting yourself, your family and all that you have worked hard for against unforeseen events is an essential component of any wealth management plan.

Whether your preference leans towards life assurance or you prefer to ensure that income requirements continue to be met, protecting your assets with structured insurance provides you with a comforting peace of mind.

Understanding your specific needs helps our wealth planners to structure insurance plans that will effectively protect the wealth you have worked hard to build.

By assessing your existing capital structure and listening to any concerns you have, we leverage upon our expertise to effectively apply insurance to protect areas of vulnerability.

Inheritance tax and estate planning

Ensuring the smooth transfer of wealth from one generation to the next whilst limiting the effects of inheritance tax requires careful planning.

Establishing trust structures and asset distributions schemes within permissible allowances not only serves to save significant amounts of cash, but enables you as the benefactor to experience the good your wealth brings to the lives of beneficiaries.

The Harvey Blackwood tax specialists and legal representatives provide expert advice on inheritance regulations that is relevant to a number of key jurisdictions. We provide access to a number of trust incorporation and privately managed funds to be used for a number of wealth distribution purposes.

Our tax specialists and legal representatives are also available to work in partnership with your existing providers as together we seek to create the best inheritance distribution schemes to meet your specific objectives.

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